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Fast curing 3D resin for orthodontic, wax-up, implant, crown and bridge models
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AmeraLabs Dental model resin DMD-21 LED stands out by its accuracy and 3D printing speed. High resolution surface, maximum dimensional accuracy and stability meet the high demands of model production. Market leading fast curing resin leads to faster model production and lower costs.

Primary applications:

– implant supported and tooth borne fixed restoration models
– digital wax-up printing with excellent quality of surface and attractive color
– accurate removable dies and base of alveolar model (Willi Geller model)
– orthodontic models
– study models

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Key Features

DMD-21 is probably the FASTEST curing resin for LCD printers!

Designed to work even on low powered LED/LCD 3D printers equipped with LED light sources emitting 405-420nm UV light.

Choose your printer and find the recommended settings for AmeraLabs resins here.

DMD-21 LED resin produces dimensionally accurate and stable prints fast. Due to its stiffness and a fair amount of hardness it can sustain straight edges and print out even the tiniest features. Supports do not bend during printing, keeping the model in place throughout the whole printing session and giving a higher rate of success with complex prints. Also it exhibits low shrinkage of less than 0.9% so the print will not deform during post-curing stage and will not crack over a long period of time.

Material is available in sand color (LAB 78;6;18). Carefully pigmented to get ideal color that expresses the most intricate details. Colour is almost fully opaque. Surface is glossy and hard (90 Shore D). After post-cure it does not feel sticky or tacky and is pleasant to touch.  

Water absorption is less than 0.2%. This means, that your models will not deform due to moisture or exposure to IPA.

For a successful print, we recommend:

Viscosity of this material is relatively low – around 180-200cps – so cleaning is quite easy.
If you do not have ultrasonic cleaner of prefer cleaning with ordinary IPA baths, here is our 4 easy steps cleaning procedure:

  1. After taking your printed object off the build plate leave it submerged in the IPA bath for 2 minutes.
  2. Swirl the IPA bath with printed part in it actively for another 2 minutes.
  3. After swirling, leave it still, but fully submerged for another 2 minutes.
  4. Finally, swirl the bath actively again for 2 minutes.

Evaluate cleaning results and repeat this procedure only once (if needed) with clean IPA.

If you prefer cleaning with ultrasonic cleaner, we recommend to put a printed part into the container with IPA, close it well and put
the container into the ultrasonic cleaner filled with water. Leave it for no more than 10 minutes without additional heating.

If you use Anycubic Wash and Cure, leave the printed object submerged in IPA for 6 minutes. Depending on the results, you can repeat this step again and leave for additional 6 minutes.

It is easier to remove supports before post-curing. However, you can also post-cure a print with supports and remove them later. Depending on the model this can help to obtain better geometries if you have such goal. Post-curing time depends on your curing station, it can vary from 5 minutes to 1 hour (until the surface of your 3D print becomes non-sticky). You should post-cure immediately after cleaning and drying. After proper post-curing surface of DMD-21 printed objects should be completely non-sticky and very hard to scratch.

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